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Enhancing the potential of each student leading her to be an agent of change in the transformation of the society

Nirmala school was established in 1959. It is a minority educational institution managed by the Northern Marysalian society. (Reg. No. 824). The school follows the syllabus of M.P. Board. The name Nirmala originates from its Patroness... read more


Our vision for Education as Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate (SMMI). We are called to follow Christ, the teacher par excellence in transforming the world by reaching out to the less fortunate through the means of education, and making them to live with sense of hope.


1. We strive to provide value based education, which is holistic.
2. We help our students to transform themselves as responsible individuals and agents of peace in the society.
3. We enable our students to find inner freedom and to face the realities of life with serenity.


1. Providing an integral education whereby the students develop all aspects of life.

2. Providing value based education, which is holistic.

Enhancing the potential of each student leading her to be an agent of change in the transformation of the society.


1. To help the students to discover the transcendent values in the universe, in events, in persons and in themselves.

2. To promote moral values and enable them to personalize them and live by them.

3. To promote a healthy family through education and enable the students to live a life of self giving and unity in their families.

4. To promote integration and harmony in a multi-cultural, multi religious and multi-lingual society.

5. To conscientise them to create a just society.

6. To enable growth in inner freedom by providing personal guidance.

7. To teach them to value the rich cultural heritage and respect plurality in terms of life, celebration and worship.

8. To have an attitude of concern for the environment and help to maintain environmental quality skills to mitigate the environmental problems.

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Prayer Before Assembly

(Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

O God, source of all wisdom, I thank you that I am a student. Enlighten my mind, and strengthen my will during my study. Assist me in performing my duties. Help me persevere, in my endeavor, till I reach my goal. Keep me in your presence, and honorably, choosing to do, what is right and pleasing in your sight. May I always respect my parents, teachers, elders, and be kind to the weak and needy. Bless me and all who take special interest in my growth. Thank you for your love and care.